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Utilise solar power to generate your own on-site electricity, allowing you to run your premises for less, providing the opportunity to reinvest additional funds back into your business.

Generate Electricity

Go Green & invest in renewable energy

Respect for your business in the public sector

Considering the environment is an important responsibility for any business. Contact us today to see how our solar panels and wind turbines can benefit your business.

Wind Turbines

Energy Connect UK LTD

Completed Project Installations

Rothley Solar

Home Installation Home Installation

Flat roof installations (non penetrative) typically installed on community centres, schools and factories are installed with bitumen pads to protect the roof membrane from debris causing tares. Frames are weighted to resist turning over but not fixed allowing relocation for roof maintenance.

Yeates Solar

Home Installation Home Installation

Empty factory roof space converted to supplement the buildings power supply and reduce running bills. These installations have the potential to provide a more stable supply where the installation is getting close to the required maximum preventing brownouts or power loss.

Micro Turbines

Home Installation Home Installation

Not as common on residential buildings today but do provide a great example of micro generation which is normally coupled with a range of other technologies which are not so visible.

Repair or Decommission

Home Installation Home Installation

On occasions the upkeep or repair of systems are greater than their return in either monetary terms or the current location. Energy connect have a range of cost-effective measures to decommission or repair your installations

In Your Garden?

Home Installation Home Installation

Simple installations can be erected on empty ground or unused areas of your property as long as the distance is kept to within 50meters or so. Supplementing the cost of heating water or lowering the workshop electrical costs.

Off Grid (Islanding)

Home Installation Home Installation

Go to the next level, Energy connect can design an independent grid for those too far from a grid connection. Supplemental Solar, Wind, Hydro, Batteries and backup generators can all be mixed to provide a continuous power supply..

Building Turbines

Home Installation

The more ambitious need to make a statement, larger turbines generally have a better return on investment, and provide a noticeable addition to the local environment.

Commercial Solar Panels

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